About the network: 

Welcome to Scout Network!

[ Note that everyone who is a member of Crafts Hill Network should also have been made a member of Cambridge Network.  Most of our events are posted there. ]


Network is different to every other section.  Network is... networked.  You organise, you run, you participate.  Network works - or fails - depending on it's members.

Network is project based.  A project can be one time, or repeating.  It can be for social, scouty, adventurous, service, whatever.  It can be a month in Africa or every Friday night down the pub.  You pick and choose depending on your interests.  It's nice if we can generate a community - but it's equally valid if some of you never meet each other and just choose that stuff that works for you.  BUT for it to work, everyone has to put some effort it to pitch in with organising.

There are places in the world where Scouting is run entirely by 18-25s; places where the Scouts themselves graduate directly into leadership.  That's not here, not at the moment.  Mostly, people quit at 18 when it gets hard.  Or they do join as leaders but neglect their own scouting and learning.  Let's fix that.  Live your own Scouting.  Build your skills.  Finish your DofE.  Stay in touch with your mates from Scouting and lets grow this thing.

We also have a Facebook group.  For the time being please post all events/projects to BOTH here and there.


What is this site for?  Okay, let's imagine just for a minute that we don't have hundreds of compelling activities in our tiny district. That's fine.  The POINT of this site is to have a way to always fill an event or project and always find something you want to go to.  It expands our reach.  Let's use it.

I'm Greg Harewood, I'm your District Scout Network Commissioner.  The structure under that is up to us.  If we can form a cohesive committee, that'd be awesome.  For now, I'm psyched if we can get some projects and events up and running and some momentum.  Email me, friend me, let's get started.

If you have a project idea, you're supposed to post it here and there is a tiny approvals process. I'm new to this site too, so please email or FB message me also.  And it's still okay to start with an event on FB to gather ideas, or organise a simple pub meet.


"Embrace the adventure!"

Greg Harewood, DSNC