This summer, we plan to build a cob oven at Queen Charlotte's Wood Activity Centre as a permanent feature commemorating 2016 as the year Network re-launched. The clay oven will provide both a useful and fun resource for visitors on site to cook in and create a much needed sheltered space for catering.

This Event

This Event will tackle Phase Two. We will be mucking in and getting muddy and constructing the oven. Very simply we will be aiming to complete the following:

  • Finish any tasks from the previous stages.
  • Prepare the clay and cement.
  • Build a dome using wet sharp sand and newspaper.
  • Constructing an opening & chimney.
  • Constructing an inner dome.
  • Constructing an outer dome.

Useful info


Participants are welcome to camp overnight or come and go as you please. We will have a tree tent set up that an accommodate up to 9 people or you can bring your own tent.


There will be no cost to to join in but you will need to provide your own catering.


Please wear old clothes as you will be getting muddy! If you have access to any tools e.g. power tools, shovels, trowels etc. They might come in handy but don't worry if you don't.