About the network: 

As you may have heard Network is being re-boot and you are the right age for Network. If you are unfamiliar with Network it is open to 18-25 years olds who still want to enjoy their Scouting and this includes current Leaders – giving us a chance to enjoy Scouts without looking after young people!

Our aim is to have a thriving Network in Bath with plenty of activities for its members, have some fun and in turn support local Scouting.

Network members can also achieve awards such as the Queen’s Scout Award and D of E Awards. Network also provides members with the chance to attend both Local and National Scout events such a Intense.

Scout Network is quite different from the other four Sections. It is an adult section that benefits from greater opportunities around adventurous activities, tailored personal development and a programme to suit all members. It is all about having fun, meeting new people and learning new skills that can help open new doors and it looks good on your CV

In Bath we have two Networks, What the Duck Network- Meets on Tuesday at 7.30pm and Bath City Network- Meets on Thursday 7.30pm. Both Networks meet in our District HQ, Grove Street in the centre of Bath. If you would like to join network please email my self back on tracey.stevenson@bathscouts.org.