We’re going back Marty!

Back where Doc?

Back to the '90s!

Our sixth annual themed event is back, and this year we're going back to the 1990s! To commemorate the first networkers who you know, weren't alive then, we will have a full weekend of activities based on everyone's favourite decade in history. Prepare yourself for a load of references that might actually be from the 1980s or early 2000s because we're too lazy to Google them! Expect lots of TV tropes and gunge! 

This event has around 50 spaces for participants, but due to the nature of the site and some of the activities that will be going on over the weekend, there is only one building available for sleeping in. These 34 beds will go towards the first 34 people to pay.  Cost is £28 for participants, and £10 for staff to cover food. 

We will provide a bed space or space for a tent, as well as all food and a full weekend of activities. Please bring some light refreshments, a good sense of humour, plenty of changes of clothes, and a dishtowel. We will be awarding prizes for some of the best costumes we see on the Saturday night, but please feel free to dress up as 90stastic as you like all weekend! We'll be expecting to see a lot of tracksuits, with or without poppers! 

Please note that as in previous years, the local Explorers will be invited up on the Saturday during the day to sample some of the programme. 

If you have any questions, please let us know at


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