Heritage Open Day: A Million Hands+

Hook up with a group of people we are supporting through the 'A Million Hands' programme and plan a day with the Canal & River Trust.

Visiting new places can be daunting. Traveling can be tricky.  Help organise and host an event to remove these barriers.  

Canal & River Trust have a national campaign 'Heritage Open Days' to help get people out and about exploring our amazing heritage situated alongside 2,000 miles of historic waterways.

In this role you will be able to contact a local community group that might want to visit the waterways and work alongside them to organise a great day out. 

You will start with some background research, and conclude with planning travel and booking a local guide.  A great opportunity to create a special day, explore somewhere new, and make new friends.

Venue are available all over Wales and England – explore the network at

The team at the Canal & River Trust are available to provide guidance and advice.  Contact Lucy Bowles-Lewis at Canal & River Trust to discuss ideas and find out more.  

 Email   Tele: 07824327274