Isle of Man TT Marshalling Project a Success!

19/6/2016, 18:53

For two weeks in June the, normally quiet, Isle of Man gains a festival atmosphere with over 40,000 people flocking to its shores for the Isle of Man TT and this year UK Scout Network joined in the fun by Marshalling the famous course!

During the races men (and women!) pitch themselves against the 37.73 miles of public road lined with stone walls, manhole covers and telegraph poles. While Marshalling, our plan was to simply watch the racing and drink several cups of tea but we were there to help keep things safe for the racers and spectators should an incident happen.

Ashley, 19, says ‘What an experience! It has been best holiday ever, I met so many wonderful and interesting people. I got to stand within 3 feet of bikes and side cars doing in excess of 150mph, what an adrenaline rush!! It is such a beautiful island as well there is not many places where I want to sit and just take in the scenery but this is one, absolutely gorgeous! I am already planning my return to marshal the Manx Grand Prix and I can't wait!

Gee, 22, seemed to enjoy herself as well; ‘FANTASTIC! A wonderful experience, brilliant people and a wonderful welcoming atmosphere. Marshalling felt open and accessible to everyone, there was a constant feel of involvement and responsibilities, everyone accepted you as part of the team. It was a great experience, something completely different and most of all addictive - everybody wants to go back!’

Would you like to get involved next year? Email so we can keep you up to date with next year’s project!