Volunteer Collections Assistant Opportunity

14/6/2017, 00:00

The Heritage Team is looking to recruit 1-4 volunteers who can work alongside the Heritage Collections Officer to improve collection storage, assist with reconciliation of documentation and help make the collection accessible. Working with the Heritage Team will provide you with transferable skills and experience, and I can promise it will throw up surprises, and fascinating, and sometimes hidden stories.

There are a number of tasks for which we’d like your help!

  • An audit of locations and objects.
  • Cataloguing (which will involve scanning, object numbering and packing).
  • Selecting and digitising works on paper which can be uploaded to the ArtUK website, thereby increasing access to the Collection.
  • Data cleaning on the Collections Management Database (CALM). In particular working with the acquisition and loan records.
  • Repacking/Rehousing objects currently inappropriately stored.

You could work on one task that you have a particular interest in, or spend some time working across several. For the audit work we would prefer two people to work together.

This opportunity is flexible and can be a residential project (1-4 weeks) or a regular commitment over a 3 month period. 


If you are want more information or to sign up please email us at

The deadline is 3rd July. 

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