About this project: 

As part of our on-going relationship with the British Exploring Society, we have been given access to some restricted funding and places for members of Scout Network to join some of their programmes for summer 2017. These opportunities are listed below:


Canadian Yukon

3 week Trek Expedition : £2,500 + £1,200 (flights)

3 week Paddle Expedition : £3,100 + £1,200 (flights)

5 week Paddle & Trek Expedition : £3,900 + £1,200 (flights)


Indian Himalaya

3 week Expedition: £2,700 + £920 (flights)

5 week Expedition: £3,400 + £920 (flights)


Peruvian Amazon

3 week Expedition: £2,900 + £1,100 (flights)

5 week Expedition: £3,500 + £1,100 (flights)


British Exploring has been able to offer some funding towards these costs which is 20 x £1000  for young people from the Channel Islands and certain areas of the North East of England (Northumberland, Durham and Cleveland) 



They have also been able to offer some funding for Scotland which is 10 x £800 .



In addition to these grants, Young people who may face hardship can apply to the International Fund, which can fund up to an additional £1,000 in addition to the BES funding pot.


To register an interest in this, please select the location above.


Please share this widely to Scout Network members locally and any questions please contact international@scouts.org.uk