About this project: 

A Million Hands +        Are You Ready To Change The World

95% of Network members say that improving the lives of others is an important part of Scouting.

Join us for a fun and interactive 'Network members only' camp providing the knowledge, skills, ongoing support and contacts to enable you and your friends to make a real and lasting difference on big social issues in your area and overseas.

As a member of the Network we can see that things aren't always right in the world.  We are optimists and want to roll up our sleeves and get on with making a change. Not simply asking to act for us, or complaining when they don't.  Attend the camp and find out how to make the change.

Taking practical action in the service of others in order to create positive social change is an essential part of the top awards - Duke of Edinburgh, Queen Scout, and Scouts of the World Awards.   Come along and tap into the support available from our peers and our charity partners who have expertise in social action.

To reserve your place send your contact details to community.impact@scouts.org.uk

Contribution of £10.00 covers your camping fees, food, activities and resources for the weekend.