About this project: 

Are you looking to spend a week in the mountains, make some new friends and doing some manual labour. Half working on various projects and the other half relaxing, sightseeing around Switzerland or just having a nice coffee and cake in the village. If the answer is yes then the UKWP UK Work Party might just be the thing for you.


The UKWP this year will be taking place from the 4th November 2017 – 12th November 2017. Please see below what an average day would look like, the ethos that the Pinkies have at KISC is to work hard and play hard. The work hard comes first, to give you an idea what the “WORK HARD” part is then imagine being on IST for a busy long weekend camp and you have some idea at what level of effort is required.


08:05 – Meet in Coffee area for Grounds Manager

08:10 – Work commences, log stacking, raking leaves, collecting chopped up wood

10:15 – Coffee break

10:30 – Commence work

12:00 – Lunchtime

14:00 – Resume work

18:00 – Dinner


As you can see it’s a packed day, you could be working outside raking leaves, stacking wood or other tasks needed to help out the centre. Some of the days you might be inside deep cleaning, some of the rooms, or other areas of the Centre or some of the other buildings. Both tasks you will need to have equal amount of enthusiasm, which is whatever you do “it’s awesome” why, because you’re in an amazing place.

Flights and transfers not included.


If the above peaks your interest then please fill in the below form. 


​If you have any questions or queries please let me know. 



Deadline for applications 1st May