UKSN Head for the Hills

21/6/2017, 12:20

At the start of May a few UKSN members headed to the Brecon Beacons for an epic weekend of exploring supported by a team of experienced hill walking instructors. Ali lets us know what they actually got up to...

We all met Friday evening at the National Showcase Centre for Wales and pitched our tents for the weekend. The rest of the evening was spent chilling and chatting with the instructor ready to plan routes for the rest of the weekend’s awesome hillwalking.

Saturday morning we packed our kit for the day and jumped into our vehicles to head off to the start point for the days walking. The instructor gave us a tour en-route of some fantastic spots for gorge walking and hiking in the future! We arrived at our start point and despite the rain we pushed on towards Pen-Y-Fan. Half way down the track as we reached an old reservoir and just before it joined the ancient roman road we split off and crossed a field to start our ascent, this was our first view of where we were headed with a brief split in the clouds. As we got half way up the first cliff the cloud cover came rolling in and covered the surrounding hills. We walked along the top of the cliff with a shear drop on one side, the wind and the rain blowing in across the hills from the other and thick cloud cover dead ahead! We made it to the top and took and obligatory selfie! After that we made our descent and went for the ancient roman road to take us back to the start point. From down in the valley below the cloud cover we got some great views of the surrounding hills and a spectacular view of the hill we had just been up. A short while later we made it back then drove back to the campsite for nice shower and some well-deserved food!

Sunday morning we decided it would be nice to head for some waterfalls so we jumped in our cars and drove to a car park between two valleys. We grabbed our kit, slipped through a bush and went straight up an immediate incline. This then reached our first point to head down on one side to a gorge perfect for gorge walking and some great caves to explore. After a quick look round we pushed on up the hill, across fields down towards the other river on the other side of the hill. We made it down the hill to an incredible waterfall, we all put our waterproofs on and trekked down to walk behind the massive waterfall. With the sound of the water crashing down behind us we posed for some photos then headed on to find an old abandoned gun powder works further down the valley. We walked back up through the woods and took a different path down to a large iron bridge. The old gunpowder works was made with thick concrete walls but had a wooden roof in case of explosion, this however turned out to be a perfect spot for lunch. After a great day and a great lunch we went back down the river to the car park. We all said our goodbyes and made our way home!

I know I'm looking forward to getting back to the hills as soon as I can!