Why you should take on the Explorer Belt...

24/11/2017, 09:47

Which other opportunity in Scouting allows you to: eat guinea pig, reach heights of 4700 metres and make spiritual offerings of peanuts to an Andean mountain God to safeguard you on your trek, all whilst gaining one of Scouting's top awards? That's the beauty of the Explorer Belt. You have complete freedom to immerse yourself in the culture of another country and an award criteria which is flexible enough to allow it.

For ours, we travelled to Peru. At the beginning, it was just an idea but after putting an ad out asking for members on various Scouting Facebook pages I was able to gather together an amazing team of seven Network members from all over the UK, who I can honestly say have become some of my greatest of friends. 

Surrounded by the Andean mountains, exploring the ancient Inca ruins of Choquequirao and Machu Picchu, staying with Quechua (mountain) people and being welcomed into their families all mixed up with other activities like white water rafting and quad biking. Those three weeks in Peru are going to stay with me for ever.

If you're a Network member thinking of doing some travelling or have the curiosity to explore another country – why not undertake your Explorer Belt at the same time? What's more, it's also a big tick towards your Queen's Scout Award. So don't mull over it, sign up today and make it happen!