1. Can I get badges/awards for taking part?
Yes. Scout Network Members will be able to gain virtual badges for participation in the programme. 
Top awards are also available to achieve (with cloth badges), these include Chief Scout Diamond Award,Queen’s Scout Award, Explorer Belt, and Scouts of the World Award

2. Why do we have virtual badges and not ‘real’ badges?
Members told us that they wanted to be recognised for participation, and have a mechanism that participation can be recorded digitally. Cloth badges are available for all of the top awards for the section - Queen’s Scout Award, Explorer Belt Award, Scouts of the World Award and DofE Gold. All other activities and participation are recognised by virtual badges – there would be too many to fit on the uniform!

3. How do virtual badges work?
When you take part in a project or event within the UK Scout Network website that has a badge assigned to it, participating in that project or event will earn you the badge. When the project closes the Project owner will nominate the members to the DSNC for the badge to be awarded.

4. Can I make my own virtual badges? How?
You can suggest a virtual badge to be created through the Suggest a Badge option in the Resources area. To do this you need to be logged in to the site. Visit the Resources tab.
The UK Scout Network team are responsible for the approval and design of virtual badges for the section. 
5. Who sets the requirements for the virtual badges?
When a member makes a suggestion about a virtual badge, they can put forward their ideas about how the badge is achieved. The UK Scout Network team are responsible for the approval and design of virtual badges for the section. 
6. Can the top awards be recognised by virtual badges? 
Yes, there are virtual badges for the Queen’s Scout Award, Explorer Belt, Scout’s of the World Award and the DofE Gold. These badges are awarded by the District Scout Network Commissioner in the website but should only be awarded upon confirmation from the Assistant County Commissioner Scout Network who signs off these awards. 
The full requirements for the awards must still be completed. 

We are aware that the search function does not bring up results from the Resources area, this includes the Badges. 

For a full list of the badges visit the UK Scout Network website page or view this PDF