1. Can we have a District Scout Network scarf/badge?
Yes. POR rule 10.27 includes further information. In addition, there is a Scout Network uniform badge and scarf that everyone in Scout Network can wear as part of the uniform, regardless of where they come from. This can be purchased from Scout Shops 

2. Can projects be run across multiple Districts?
Yes. There should be agreement between the District Scout Network Commissioners, with one of the District Scout Networks taking primary responsibility – being the ‘host’.

3. I am part of a British Scouting Overseas District, can I still be a part of Scout Network?
Of Course! You are part of UK Scouting and are eligible to join the UK Scout Network and the British Scouting Overseas Scout Network District. If you are based in a country which is not a member of British Scouting Overseas then unfortunately you will need to seek out other Scouting opportunities in the country in which you reside. 

4. Can we have multiple Scout Networks in our District?
Every District should have only one District Scout Network. We believe that this will make the pathway from Explorer Scouts to Scout Network clearer, as well as providing one point of contact for those seeking to join Scout Network from outside Scouting. 

5. Can our District Scout Network be linked with a local Activity Centre?
Scout Network members involved in supporting local activity centres should be members of a District Scout Network. Their volunteering with local activity centres should be done through projects associated with the programme.

6. What do we do for Air Scouts/Sea Scouts?
Scout Network members involved in Air Scouting or Sea Scouting are Members of the District Scout Network like all other young adults aged 18-25. Given the specific interests in air and sea activities, these Scout Network members may focus their activities through projects related to air and sea. They can continue to wear the Air and Sea Scout Network uniform.

7. Can the District Scout Network apply for a start up grant?
Yes, the District Scout Network can apply for a start up grant like other Sections. Click here for more information  

8. Can the District Scout Network operate its own bank account?
Yes, but such accounts should be audited by the District. Click here for more information

9. Can the District Scout Network make grant applications?
Yes, but you will have to apply through Scout District. Click here for more information 

10. How do we deal with legacy accounts?
Depending on how Scout Network is currently organised where you are, funds and property may be currently held at District or County. Funds and property form part of the overall assets of the District or County, with overall responsibility sitting with the relevant Executive Committee.
It is strongly recommended that where funds have currently been raised or are held for those of Scout Network age, that they are distributed appropriately to give the best opportunities of success for the new District Scout Networks.
This is a good opportunity to ensure that finances and assets are being appropriately managed. 
11. Can the District apply a District fee to members of the District Scout Network?
Yes, however with the ‘free to join’ model requires Districts to think carefully about the purpose of the local fee, bearing in mind that many Scout Network members will also be giving service to Scouting and the district as adult volunteers.

12. I have added an 18-25 year old with a Sectional Assistant role but they have not automatically been added to Scout Network. Why?

The Sectional Assistant role can be either a full membership or an associate role. Because we cannot distinguish which on Compass then we cannot automatically give them a role in Network as they will not have taken their promise or agreed to wear uniform. If the member would like to become a member of Scout Network then this role will need to be added separately. 

For District Executives 
Where Network is already managed as part of the District, ensure that any existing Network finances are being appropriately managed and will continue to be so. This includes ensuring Network finances are reported as part of the overall financial position of the District.