1. Who has access to log into the UK Scout Network website?
The following roles will have access to the system as long as the role is recorded on Compass. The role can be in full, provisional or pre provisional status.

Scout Network members (aged 18-25) in a District and/or the UK Scout Network. 

District Scout Network Commissioners and UK Scout Network Commissioners

Assistant County Commissioner Scout Network (ACCSN), Assistant Area Commissioner Scout Network (AACSN) and Assistant Regional Commissioner Scout Network (ARCSN) 

Country Scout Network Commissioners for Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. 

2. How will I receive my log in details?
If you are eligible for access to the website you will need to log in using your email address recorded on your Compass record. A link will be included in this email which will take you to the website and require you to change your password.

3. How will I retrieve my log in details if I forget them?
To log in you will need your email address and password. Your email address must match the address we have in Compass. If you have forgotten your password you can click ‘I’ve Forgotten my password’, enter your email address and if you are in the system you will be emailed a link to reset your password.  

4. How can I change my email address? 
If the email address we hold for you in Compass is no longer the one you would like to use you can amend this by logging into Compass. 
Click here for help editing your details in Compass.

5. Who can add the role of Scout Network to my compass record? 
If you would like to join a District Scout Network the District Scout Network Commissioner can add this role to your record. You will automatically also be added to the UK Scout Network.
If your District does not have a District Scout Network Commissioner the Appointment Secretary, District Administrator or District Commissioner will be able to do this for you. 
If you would like to only join the UK Scout Network please complete the Join Us form on the website which will get your membership started. 

6. What do I do if I have a role that will allow me access to the website but I haven’t received the email with my password? 

  • The email address with your password will be sent to is the address we have on your Compass record:
  • If you have the correct email address in Compass but haven’t received the email go to the website and click ‘I’ve forgotten my password’ and a new email will be generated. 
  • If you do not have an email address in Compass you will need to add one. Access to the website requires an email address. 
  • If the email address we have in Compass for you is out of date, you will need to edit this on your record first.

Click here for help editing your details in Compass.

Updates will be made daily at midnight so the email will arrive the next day to allow you access.  

7. What happens when I turn 25? 
When you turn 25 years old your membership of the Scout Network section ends and you will no longer be able to access the UK Scout Network website. Your Scout Network member role in Compass will be automatically closed. You will be advised in advance of this taking place so that you can capture all of the badges you have achieved and pass on Admin rights for any projects or events you are managing. 

8. How do I enable log in with Facebook or Twitter?
On your first log in to the website you will need to use the email address and create a password. The email address must match the address held in Compass for you. 
Once you are logged in you can connect your account to Facebook and Twitter via ‘Edit Profile’ and ‘Social Log ins’. 

9. I am a member of more than one Network but only one appears on my profile, where are the others?
You can find and see all the Scout Networks that you are a member of by clicking the ‘Networks’ tab from the menu. 

10. How do I change the Scout Network I am a member of?
The membership point for the section is at District level and must be recorded in Compass. If you would like to change the Scout Network you are a member of this must be changed in Compass. Your DSNC can change your role.